Media Fictions offers various text services in Dutch and English with a keen eye for detail and a personal approach. It specialises in arts, culture and education: regular assignments include the editing and translating of exhibition (gallery) texts, art publications and project descriptions in collaboration with artists, curators and cultural institutions. Media Fictions also proofreads/revises governmental, legal and corporate documents for translation agencies. English texts and translations are demonstrably delivered at native speaker level. If desirable, Media Fictions offers expert advice and practical support on matters of content and tone of voice. Its strengths are expertise, creative thinking, analytical skills and precision.
Media Fictions is run by Laura Schuster and based in Amsterdam (NL). Among its clients are Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Marres – House for Contemporary Culture, Tindemans Translations, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Stadsherstel Amsterdam, Taalcentrum-VU, Oude Kerk, and the Creative Industries Fund NL, as well as individuals working in the visual and performing arts. Laura also runs several creative projects that rework existing materials and communication systems.

text Language is not a transparent vessel for information. Even the strongest ideas need strong communication: tone of voice, vocabulary and presentation deeply affect the way readers will understand any text. There is no standard recipe for successful writing either, because function and context must always be taken into account. Media Fictions offers a wide range of text skills to help clients find their proper tone and style. These skills can be employed for finalizing or improving existing texts, for spot-on translations and for co-writing project descriptions or promotional materials.
context Text is meaningless without context. A crucial first step in writing, editing or translating is to consider the environment in which the text will circulate. Which unwritten rules apply to this environment? How general or specific should the message be? Who are its intended receivers and how will the text open up to them? How much context is too much? Media Fictions offers tailored advice based on years of experience in various fields of text production, with a broad intellectual basis to enable conceptual advice on artistic projects, cultural events and academic publications. This background also results in highly precise and context-specific translations.
research A wide range of skills and expertise is available for projects that require further research or support, from fact checking and footnote formatting to summarizing philosophical concepts or advising on culturally sensitive terminology. Media Fictions offers academic skills and fast, accurate research in the fields of culture, arts, media, technology and education, as well as working knowledge of legal, governmental, corporate and scientific vocabularies in English and Dutch.