Laura Schuster is a bilingual editor and translator (Dutch/English), based in Amsterdam and specialized in art, culture and technology. Her work activities range from direct translations to consulting on artistic projects and publications. She runs the conceptual design series Art. nr. (based on jigsaw puzzles) and Confessions (based on Morse code) and is active as a musician (Motel Aurora, guitar/vocals). Before starting her text agency Media Fictions, Laura was a researcher and junior lecturer at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis/University of Amsterdam (Media Studies) and a health care worker. She holds an MA in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam (2007).
For estimates and/or availability, please contact Laura Schuster: +31 (6) 3831 9671 Services are provided on the basis of an hourly rate, unless specifically agreed otherwise. Dutch Chamber of Commerce registration no.: 56569327 General Terms and Conditions (pdf, NL)

Art. nr.: Serie WH 1000/1036 / WH 1000-L/1080 (Nafpaktos (Hellas) / Lautersee bei Mittenwald – Bayern), 2016